● Goldsboro, North Carolina
● Established 1979
● The Anchormen have become one of the premier quartets in Gospel music, performing 200+plus dates each year. With more three decades of ministry, they continue a rich heritage of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ delivered by very talented and spirit-filled gentlemen. Fans can expect high-energy singing and transparent testimonies along with songs ranging from old classics to today’s favorites when attending an Anchormen concert.
● Memphis, Tennessee
● Established 1934
● The Blackwood Brothers have performed in all 50 U.S. states, every Canadian province and 45 other countries with notable stops in Great Britain, the Middle East, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong and the Philippines, Until this day, they remain as one of the few Southern Gospel quartets to ever sing at the White House.
● Pensacola, Florida
● Established 1960
● For most of The Dixie Echoes’ history, two or more members of a family have been in the group. During the group’s early days, J.G. and Joe Whitfield filled the bass and baritone roles respectively. Later, Dale Shelnut and his sons Randy and Andrew traveled the highways together. Today, Randy and his son, Randy, Jr., anchor the group.
● Kinston, North Carolina
● Established 1961
● Though the group’s name invokes images of the South, The Dixie Melody Boys cemented their place in Gospel music history by establishing a presence where other quartets rarely traveled pre-1990′s. The Northeast, Mid-West and the West Coast soon grew to favor the sounds Ed O’Neal and “the boys” crisscrossed the country to deliver.
● Stow, Ohio
● Established 2003
● Known internationally as “Ambassadors of Joy,” this fun-loving quartet from Ohio has watched as their recordings frequently sat atop Billboard Magazine’s Music Charts for both video and audio; their songs win awards from multiple organizations; and their members win the hearts of people all around the world. Be careful—their energy is contagious!
● Sevierville, Tennessee
● Established 2013
● Formed in 2013, this "new" quartet has plenty of experience to make them anything BUT a new quartet. With four stage-seasoned members from such artists as The Dove Brothers and Perfect Heart, Freedom Quartet is counted among some of the best Southern Gospel has to offer. The combination of talent, dynamic energy, great songs, and a healthy respect of the quartet heritage, this is one quartet that is sure to please.
● Little Rock, Arkansas
● Established 1932
● With more than 60 years of experience, this is one quartet that ranks among legends! Under the leadership of one of the true "Deans of Bass Singing" (Southern Gospel Music Hall of Famer Gerald Williams), The Melody Boys bring back memories of quartet singing in its truest form. They've chosen the Memphis Quartet Show for one of their limited 2016 appearances—and we're glad they did!
● Gadsden, Alabama
● Established 1980
● Since their introduction to the Southern Gospel world, this quartet consistently remains a fan favorite at concerts, on radio, in church services—everywhere. The trademark vocals of give Gold City create an instantly recognizable sound and you’ll often find young performers standing in the wings of the stage, learning all they can from this legendary group.
● Madison, North Carolina
● Established 2015
● With origins in one of Gospel music's all-time favorite families (The Hoppers), Hopper Brothers 2.0 is one of the most unique groups on the road. Led by Dean and Mike Hopper, this special quartet celebrates a rich time-honored tradition of Gospel music by incorporating classic and new songs—in both quartet and Hoppers style!
● Sanford, North Carolina
● Established 1953
● When the original members of The Harvesters Quartet—Pat Patterson, Bill Hefner, Buddy Parker, Hershel Wooten, and David Reece—took their barley one-year old group to the famed Ellis Auditorium for the first National Quartet Convention in 1954 it is likely they never dreamed the men who would follow in their footsteps would sing on that hallowed ground in a new convention center. Yet, that's exactly what Danny Parker, Tommy Young, Allen Hunter, and Mark Hoggard will do in 2017—63 years later.

As a historical footnote, The Harvesters also appeared on the very first Memphis Quartet Show in 2013!
● Bryson City, North Carolina
● Established 1964
● Rarely has a quartet dominated the radio airplay charts in the manner The Inspirations have maintained for nearly 50 years. “Jesus Is Coming Soon,” “Touring That City, ” “Is That Footsteps I Hear,” “I Have Not Forgotten,” “I Just Want To Thank You Lord” and “It’s In The Savior’s Hands” are a mere fraction of this group’s list of hits.
● Asheville, North Carolina
● Established 1956
● Few quartets have a legacy with a mile-long list of household names. But found among the personnel rolls of this 57-year tradition are Eldridge Fox, Jim Hamill, Squire Parsons, Johnny Parrack, Ernie Phillips, Mark Trammell, Anthony Burger, and dozens more. Today’s Kingsmen, led by Ray Dean Reese, still delight audiences everywhere they appear.
● Gainesville, Georgia
● Established 2005
● Gospel music and the name “LeFevre” are synonymous so it is only fitting that this legendary name be included on any new major event. With Gospel DNA in his blood and a wealth of road experience to build upon, Mike LeFevre has assembled a quartet that not only respects the classics of yesterday but also sets in motion the standards of tomorrow.
● Nashville, Tennessee
● Established 1999
● Appearing on Gospel music's most prestigious stages and the platforms of America's leading churches, Legacy Five has become a standard in the world of Southern Gospel music. With a drive for innovation while still honoring grand traditions, Scott Fowler, Scott Howard, Matt Fouch, Trey Ivey, and Josh Femmster have put this quartet in position to be around for a long, long time.
● Gadsden, Alabama
● Established 2002
● Glen Payne once described Mark Trammell as “the perfect quartet man.” Regarded as one of the finest baritones to stand behind a microphone, Trammell has surrounded himself with those who are equally dedicated to the music he loves. With great attention to “all the little details,” this group is perpetuating the craft of solid quartet singing with every performance.
● Douglasville, Georgia
● Established 2003 (re-established 2017)
● With covers on national magazines, multiple No. 1 songs, appearances on noteworthy stages around the nation, and the trophy for the 2013 Favorite New Traditional Quartet in the Singing News Fan Awards, the Southern Gospel music community was stunned when the group retired from touring just when it seemed the sky was the limit. However, they're back! Join them at the 2017 Memphis Quartet Show for their very first appearance after returning to performing select dates.
● Candler, North Carolina
● Established 1978
● Four-part harmony being sung around a campfire led to the formation of a quartet that today incorporates strong Biblically-based lyrics with incredible instrumentation in every song. During their 38-year existence, The Primitive Quartet has developed a large following from not only Gospel music enthusiasts but also acoustic music aficionados as well.
● Georgetown, Ohio
● Established 2001
● The group’s website reads, “they are upbeat enough to keep the interest of a teenager while singing a few songs that Grandma will know and love.” Perhaps it is that combination has helped Soul’d Out to become one of the fastest-rising quartets of today’s Gospel music world as they set a positive atmosphere for the entire family while presenting the Gospel.
● Nashville, Tennessee
● Established 2006
● Since the group’s inception, Tribute Quartet’s motto has been “Preserving the heritage and promoting the future of Southern Gospel music.” Apparently many agree that this quartet is living up to their goal, as they’ve become important elements of dozens of annual concerts, many vacation cruises and practically all of Gospel music’s multi-day events.
● Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
● Established 2002
● As the four-time (and currently reigning) Favorite Traditional Quartet Of The Year in the Singing News Fan Awards, Triumphant Quartet has created a new excitement for fans that enjoy Southern Gospel quartet singing. Though very humble about their long list of achievements any conversation of great quartets would be incomplete without including this group.