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Memphis All-Star Quartet

Attendees of the 2022 Memphis Quartet Show were given the opportunity to vote on the members of the All-Star Quartet that they would like to see assembled to perform at the 2023 Memphis Quartet Show.

This one night only quartet will perform a selection of Quartet standards during the second half of the 2023 MQS.


John Rulapaugh (Inspirationals) - Tenor

Scotty Inman (Triumphant) - Lead

Scoot Shelnut (Dixie Echoes) - Baritone

Wyatt Austin (Inspirations) - Bass

No, don't get the wrong idea...A new group is not being formed. This is simply a fun scrap-iron quartet for just the 2023 Memphis Quartet Show. In order to make this happen, we scheduled all four of their respective groups to perform on the same night. Hope you enjoy!

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