2020 Memphis Quartet Show

Postponed Due To Coronavirus / COVID-19

Posted April 28, 2020

Dear Friends of The Memphis Quartet Show:


We trust and pray that this finds you well during the unexpected events the world is currently experiencing. Like you, we've made numerous adjustments to our daily lives as we deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you might expect, we've received a large number of inquiries regarding the 8th Annual Memphis Quartet Show, slated for June 17-20, 2020. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we've been in frequent contact with The Cannon Center, The City of Memphis, The Sheraton Hotel, and all of the associated partners that the event works with each year. Each of those partners has offered counsel based on the information available to them, and encouraged us to not make rushed decisions.


However, everyone connected to the Memphis Quartet Show also knew there would come a time when a decision regarding this year's event would have to be made. That is where we are today.


Unfortunately, based on the latest information that has been provided to us by our event partners, as well as the social distancing mandates and large gathering limitations that our partners expect to be in place during the month of June, it is not possible to present the 8th Annual Memphis Quartet Show this year.


While we realize this is disappointing news, let us also share with you some good news. The Cannon Center has agreed to allow the Memphis Quartet Show to simply forward your seating reservations to the Memphis Quartet Show of 2021. No action to maintain your seats is required from you—the seating reservation system will hold your seats for 2021. You can use your 2020 passes to enter in 2021. The Sheraton is automatically canceling 2020 hotel reservations for our group. So, if your reservations are there, no action is needed on your end. However, it is your responsibility to modify other hotel or RV camping reservations you may have made. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Sheraton cannot accept new reservations for the 2021 event until 365 days prior to our event. So please don't call the hotel, as they cannot help with a 2021 reservations until mid-June of 2020. The Sheraton is not able to carry over 2020 reservations into 2021, so you will need to make a new reservation yourself, but not until at least mid-June 2020 once they are capable of making reservations for next year.


Vendors with current exhibit booth reservations will also be allowed to carry their reservations to 2021. Vendors who are currently on the waiting list will maintain his or her current placement on that list.


As of this writing, the talent roster and schedule of the 2021 Memphis Quartet Show is exactly the same as the line-up that was to appear in 2020. This includes both the nightly concerts and matinee events. 


Though we're going to have to wait a little longer for the annual Memphis Quartet Show, we're not going to let what was supposed to be our 8th event fall by the wayside. So, mark June 16-19, 2021 on your calendar. That's when we'll all gather at the Cannon Center for The 8th Annual Memphis Quartet Show—Take 2! We look forward to it and we're already counting the days until we see you there.


If you have questions, feel free to contact The Memphis Quartet Show by sending an email to info@quartetshow.com.



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