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You may print your seat reservations upon completion of order.

If you select to have your reservation passes mailed to you, they will mail beginning on April 1, 2023.

Notice: Seats on the left side of the auditorium are even numbers and the right side are odd numbers. (example: seats 1 & 3 are beside each other and 2 & 4 would also be side by side.)

The easiest way to reserve your seat is to register online by selecting your seats above. Our website offers photo views of the stage from each seating section. Phone orders can be placed by calling (901) 568-2389, however keep in mind that we do not have an office that maintains normal business hours, you will most likely need to leave a message. We will return your call as soon as possible. We check our email address much more often and urge you to use it to contact us.


There are sections in the Cannon where seats can be removed and the vacant slots are available for those confined to a wheelchair. If you are confined to a wheelchair, it is best to place your order by emailing us at or by calling 901-568-2389 and specify with the agent that you are wheelchair confined. They can let you know if any of those slots are available. The entire facility is handicapped accessible. 

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